Success Through Application

Great news, Dr Sherylle Calder’s EyeGym program was acknowledged by Joshua Snyman as being beneficial (after just two weeks of doing the program) when talking to Roger on Friday and how he was surprised with the way he delivered a speech at school without the type of preparation he normally went through. The subject he had was on issues affecting today’s teenagers and the topic he chose was the effect Hubbly Bubbly’s have on one’s health. Joshua researched and wrote out his speech and where he previously found it quite difficult to glance and find the word he was looking for in his notes he was pleasantly surprised to find that he did not have the same problem, hence a better and more fluent speech.
What does this indicate from a golf point of view; According to Dr Calder Joshua should find his ability to read greens improving and the coaches at KeNako should notice better concentration from Joshua.
Achieving a pass mark at school is a priority for the academy and very important for the students “Skills for Life” program and Roger feels that Dr Calder’s EyeGym program is a win win situation because of its positive impact on golf performances and academic achievements.