Achieving Good Balance is Fundamental

Good balance is a crucial element of a good golf swing; as is good balance a vital element of most sporting disciplines.  As Jan Fourie, KeNako’s Biokineticist has written in his article – balance is something that can be improved in time by practising a focused training regimen.


The KeNako Academy offers all clients – young and old, fit or unfit, stressed or carefree – an opportunity to improve not just their golf but other aspects of their lives by using one of the KeNako program offerings and by adopting an improved attitude to life.

Jan has described balance as one’s ability to control body position and movement in a certain space, be it active or passive.  What is life?  Amongst other things it includes a wish for happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment; features that are a result of living a bona fide life – one that is built around a core purpose; one that embodies a balanced outlook on everything that life has to offer.


As with our body make-up, each one of us has our weaknesses.  And as with our bodies, some people will work at correcting their weaknesses; others will allow different muscles to compensate for identified weaknesses; whilst others will simply ignore their weak points and carry on regardless.  Some people are of the opinion that a balanced life is a myth, whilst others live their lives to the fullest and enjoy healthy balanced lives.


What are the keys to a balanced life?  Let’s for a moment ponder what it is that impacts our everyday lives.  Our careers; our homes and home lives; our health – both body and mind; our attitude; our communication…. How can we better structure our lives so that we can better understand each one of these elements, learn from them and grow from them?


For a start we need to define our goals, our objectives and our aspirations.  It can be argued that many a talented sportsman has failed not because of a lack of talent but rather because of a lack of clarity with respect to what the end goal is and how best it can be achieved.  The same can be said of many people in life.  One’s vision should not be etched in stone but rather revised as strategic goals that make up the greater vision are achieved or missed.


Setting an end goal and having a greater vision provides the governance as to how one progresses.  Each different goal represents a strategic element of the greater vision.  Each different goal can help to turn a vision into a reality.  Each different goal must be measurable.  Life can be considered to be out of balance if life’s goals have not been clearly defined and if they are not being actively pursued.  Goals can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets and objectives.  Different goals must be prioritized and they should be written down.  Whilst a mental goal and commitment is better than nothing, experience indicates that a written goal is more likely to be accomplished.


Spending time at the KeNako Academy will allow an individual to:

  •     Take the time to consider the best way forwards for a more balanced, productive and healthy life
  •     Better understand their bodies – many a fatigued body is a symptom of a greater living problem
  •     Share concerns and feelings with professionals equipped to offer assistance and solutions
  •     Make adjustments that will positively impact their lives moving into the future
  •     Enjoy some ‘chill’ time; a rested body and mind will allow for new energy and clearer thinking
  •     Improve the golf swing!


Modern life is busy and stretches each one of us to the limits.  It erodes our energy and effectively ‘unbalances’ our lives.  As with the golf swing, one needs to take the time to find the balance that will improve the daily training regimen that is our life!  Set some (written) goals and pay attention to detail.  Then focus on each goal and voilà… better ‘balance’!