Choose a healthier life with GI

by Robert Douglas

GI, or rather Glycemic Index, is an exciting and healthier way of eating.  It is a measure of how slowly or how quickly carbohydrate food is digested & absorbed in one’s body which is then broken down into glucose.  Switching to mainly eating low GI foods that slowly trickle glucose into one’s blood stream keeps one’s energy levels balanced and means that one will feel fuller for longer periods between meals.


Exercise is generally accepted as an important factor in living a healthier & more productive life, but the importance of eating correctly is another a vital factor in a person’s life today.

A couple of easy-to-remember tips
One should eat a low GI meal before exercise or a workout as it takes longer to digest & takes 2-3 hours before one’s food is broken down completely into glucose.
After a workout one should then have a high GI food item, such as an energy bar, Jungle bar etc.  By taking a food item that contains high GI after one hour of exercise, one provides immediate glucose to the body that indirectly boosts the body.
Here at KeNako our full time boarding students are provided with a low GI diet as they live a very active lifestyle.  Nutrition is a big factor in their lifestyle and they are provided with 3 meals a day which are all low GI.
For the first meal of the day breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran are the order of the day.  Other regular meals include fresh local produce such as fruit and vegetables, with food items such as potatoes reduced and replaced with pasta or noodles.  Low GI food is not just tasty and healthy – KeNako is able to use low GI products when making cakes and tasty desserts!
So make the decision and change to a healthier and more nutritional way of eating and living.  It is well worth it!!!

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Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas
Chef – KeNako