Offering Excellent Brand Values

by Ron Boon

Our theme for this month relates to the fundamentals of a good grip and superior lifestyle basics.  Having the correct fundamentals in life such as a good family upbringing and proper education can equate to a good grip.  From a KeNako Academy perspective our good grip relates to having a healthy brand that in turn ensures a healthy business, one that is beneficial to our clients.


KeNako is a brand in evolution.  It is managed by educated and successful individuals whose desire is to be part of something new and dynamic, a brand that will make a difference.  The management and staff at KeNako are our brand ambassadors and brand messengers, the ones who deliver the KeNako experience.  Just as the golfer learns from previous mistakes and ultimately plays with the best golf grip, so too is KeNako a living entity, one with an identity that impacts the hearts and minds of all of those that the brand touches.  As KeNako continues to grow and emerge, so will the brand develop human-like characteristics that are able to influence and control selected desires and elements of our lives.

KeNako’s team of professionals live the dream.  They have embraced the correct grip and they have been practicing all of the associated habits that will allow the KeNako brand to grow in substance and stature.  The professionals are practicing what they preach and they are positioned to allow outsiders to share and enjoy the fruits of their labours.


The KeNako brand intends staying up-to-date and relevant to the times.  It will not be undergoing an annual ‘face-lift’ but it will rather be maturing gradually in a genuine and sincere way.


The introduction of KeNako Executive has seen the inclusion of various new medical professionals.  They are at KeNako to offer scientific services and advice.  KeNako may now boast medical experts amongst its team, but within KeNako there are various brand-health measures that are being implemented to ensure long term success.  As its in-house medical experts might say, KeNako intends living the mantra, ‘prevention is better than cure.’


There will be no quick-fix or short-cut tactics masquerading as brand health solutions. KeNako’s DNA has already been established.  It is certainly not our intention to reduce KeNako’s life expectancy through a paucity of know-how.


KeNako has entered a marathon and not a sprint.  Our route to the finishing line includes effective brand health measures that are based on sophisticated techniques and the correct fundamentals in life, with a superior team of professionals as our participants.  KeNako intends enjoying the marathon with many of our clients.


Another spring has sprung.  Enjoy it!  Be healthy and be happy – the better your grip the more enjoyment you will take from the game, be it the game that is life or the game of golf!


Ron Boon

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ron boon

Ron Boon