Korea Study Abroad and Language Fair – South Korea

Korea Study Abroad and Language Fair During September and October Hilton Slamet (senior) and Hilton (junior) – perhaps in future we should borrow the American way and call them Hilton 1 and Hilton 2 –  attended the Korea Study Abroad and Language Fair in South Korea.  This is a huge event that targets Korean families who have the desire for their children to study abroad.


Asian countries continue to send the largest number of international students to American colleges and universities – more than all other nations of the world combined.  KeNako was given the opportunity to promote South Africa as an alternative destination to the established markets.  The Korean Student Fair is used as a marketing tool by many countries, with many of the governments of those countries providing selected companies from their countries an opportunity to market their services.  Whilst KeNako Academy did not have the financial muscle of the different government funded stands, just being at the Student Fair was in itself something of a victory and provided a powerful opportunity for KeNako  to established and build a presence throughout Asia.


This year, more than 40,000 students and parents attended the Korea Student Fair, which attract the families of both school going students and undergraduate students.  Students seek information about nearly every field of study, with the most popular subject requests being English, business and management, engineering, computer sciences and the basic sciences and liberal arts.  Many students are also looking for a sports academy and in the case of Korea specifically a Golf Academy and KeNako’s offering compares favourably with anything on offer from any other country of the world.


Not only did this event give KeNako the opportunity to introduce students to the ‘World of Golf – South Africa style’, but it also offered a perfect occasion to share information about South Africa and to address some of the misconceptions about our beautiful country.  KeNako’s presence at the Korea Student fair is part of our ongoing commitment in becoming the best Golf Academy in the world.

Korea Study Abroad and Language Fair