STRETCH just before T-off

back to basicsThis needn’t take much time or effort and can be done from inside your car as you arrive at the club and then continue as you make your way to the first hole.


But first, let’s motivate why stretching can be beneficial to you.
1.  Stretching prepares your body for the exercise to follow
2.  It allows the body to relax before putting extra strain on the muscles
3.  It helps release tension in tight muscles and thereby creates more mobility in the joints


1.  On arrival at the club, before you get out of your car – LUMBAR STRETCH
A.  Sit upright in your seat with your hands on the steering wheel.  Take a breath in and on the out breath press your lower back into the back of the seat while tightening your stomach muscles. Hold this for the in breath and then while exhaling, sit upright again.  Repeat this 5 times.  Watch-points: don’t clench the hands or tense the shoulders.  Make sure you use your stomach muscles to press the lower back into the seat.


B.  Sit upright and slightly forward in your seat (you might want to move your seat back to create enough space).  Take a breath in and on the exhale turn towards your window.  Place your left hand across the body and hold onto your right leg.  Put your right hand behind you on the seat.  Hold this position for 3 in and out breaths.  Repeat in the opposite direction.  This is a twist to help with rotation.  Watch-points:  Keep you back straight but do not arch your spine, make sure your knees face forward.  Don’t forget to breathe!


2.  Stepping out of your car – just before you close the door – HAMSTRING STRETCH
A.  Stand facing the side of the car.  Place your right heel on the edge of the car floor.  Place your hands on the roof of the car (if it is not too high) or on your left thigh.  Now bend forward towards your right leg.  At this point the left leg bends but the right leg stays straight.  Hold this for about 20 seconds – breathing in and out comfortably.  Repeat with other leg.  Watch-points:  make sure you keep your back straight, especially the upper back – your eye line should be just ahead of your right foot.  Keep both hips facing forward.


B.  Face the door and find a comfortable place to hold your hands.  Feet are facing forward and are hip distance apart.  Come up onto your toes and down again – repeat 10 times.  Then bend the knees just a bit and stand up again – 10 times.  Next keep the knees bent slightly and rock from side to side – allow the feet to roll side to side as well – mimic a skiing movement.  This warms up the knees, hips and ankles.


3.  In the locker room or at the first tee – SHOULDERS
A.  Hold a golf club at each end straight out in front of you shoulders height, parallel to the floor.  Feet are a bit wider than hip distance apart.  Lift the club up above the head and then bending the elbows take the club back over your head to rest on your neck. Straighten the arms and come back to the start position – repeat 5 times.  Remember to breathe – inhale to bring the arms up, exhale to bend the elbows.  Watch-points:  check that the ribs do not protrude or your back arch – keep those stomach muscles working.


B.  Stand as above and rotate the club so that the right arm crosses over the left arm.  Repeat so that the left arm crosses over the right.  Be sure that you are able to do this without dropping one of the shoulders or twisting or turning the body to allow this movement.  Do this slowly.


C.  To finish – ROTATION.
Put the club down.  Stand feet just a bit wider than hip distance.  Clasp your hands and place them behind your head.  Breathe in and shrug the shoulders, breathe out and drop the shoulders down.  Hold the shoulders down and pull the elbows wide.  Hold this position and when exhaling turn to the right.  Breathe in and face forward again, then breathe out and turn to the left.  Repeat from the shoulder shrug.  Watch-points:  make sure you rotate from the upper body only – do not let the hips turn as well – we want to just isolate the upper body rotation.  Please use the breathing as it helps with set the pace avoiding quick, jerky movements.  Check that the shoulders stay down when turning.


Now go and have an awesome game of golf!
Streeeeetch and BREATHE!


Brigitte Aubery
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