Spine angle during the Swing

The basics of the set-up were discussed in the previous newsletters and now it is time to ‘Get Going’ with the swing; after all, hitting the ball is what golf is all about!  The first and arguably the most important swing fundamental that one should try and master is a correct spine angle from take away, through the swing to just after impact.

Strength, stability and mobility in the pelvic area (see the Pilates and Biokinetic articles) will help you to maintain your spine angle, leading to a more consistent strike plus improved accuracy and distance.

There are various drills or aids available to assist you to maintain your spine angle, but a simple available aid is your golf bag.  Address the ball with a good posture, with your butt against the bag.  Try not to lose contact with the bag throughout the swing.

Maintain this angle and you will not have to focus on keeping your head down and you could well find your neck and shoulders relaxing resulting in a more rhythmic repetitive swing.
Let’s Make Things Happen and build a more efficient swing this year!

Roger Wessels.
Director of Coaching