KeNako SA World Juniors MARCH 04 – 08 – 2012

A first for South Africa!  The KeNako SA Junior Masters is an official junior ‘Major’ tournament, recognised and sanctioned by the World Junior Golf Series.  The tournament is open to players 19 years and younger (with separate boys and girls divisions).

Simultaneous to the individual tournament is a team competition, with each country team made up of 3 players, 2 boys and 1 girl.  Players from about 20 countries will be travelling to South Africa to play in the tournament in 2011.  Approximately 80 international players are expected to play and the international numbers are expected to grow in future years.  The balance of the field will be made up of the top young South African players.

The champions of tomorrow will be competing in the KeNako S.A. Junior Masters.  Some of the players can be expected to be chosen to represent their countries when golf is introduced to the Olympics in 2016.