Key Aspects to Achieving Relative Success!

In this month’s Newsletter Roger and Jan talk about the importance of elements such as mobility, structure, functionality, inflexibility and the impact of the ageing process.  Looking at things from a broader perspective, how can elements such as these impact our golf and our lives?

People are born with different body shapes and sizes and different levels of ability.  Aspects such as application, aspiration and self-assurance will also ultimately impact levels of achievement.  Compare the best golfers in the world, either today or from yesteryear.

Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player each had very different shapes and their own individual swings and characteristics, yet these were the Big Three, the greatest golfers of their era.  Each man played in his own individual way and within his own limitations, yet all three achieved amazing success.  They wanted to beat each other but they respected each other.  None of them were entirely reliant or dependent on any single aspect relating to their physique or their golf.  They were willing and able to broaden the base around which they functioned so successfully.

To the Big Three, it can be taken for granted that small things mattered.  They were courteous and well mannered; they were broadly conscious of behaving consistently and well no matter what their circumstance; and they were very aware that every aspect of their performance or behaviour could impact their game and/or their future standing.  Gary Player once told me how proud he was that his signature was legible and he referred to the signatures of both Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, whose signatures are equally legible.  Surely a young fan seeking an autograph wants to remember whose autograph he has collected in future years and be proud of having collected that autograph in person from one of his heroes?  Surely a legible signature adds value to the athlete in question’s brand?  Why is it that so many of today’s sporting stars have signatures that are mostly illegible and mere scribbles?  Surely they should take more care?  Just as one can make up for lack of mobility by using a subtle grip change etc surely it doesn’t take much to take a little more care in completing a simple task with pride?  And in old age that same signature will be remembered and paraded with pleasure, rather than becoming the centre of a quiz amongst those observing it and trying to remember who it was that signed.

Look at what happened to Tiger Woods.  Effectively his brand is owned by the world, not by himself.  After his misdemeanours his brand value declined and people and companies questioned their allegiance to his brand.  In today’s world, social media spreads the word within minutes and people make judgements.  Each one of us has a hand in controlling our own destiny by being conscious of the need to be aware of the structure required to succeed, allowing for just normal ‘wear and tear’.

A simple game of golf can impact a playing partner’s attitude towards you and your character.  That game can influence one’s future life.  It is surely worth paying heed to the finer details?  Mobility and flexibility are two ingredients that can play a functional role in achieving future success from whatever base one starts.

Success is relative.  Improve your golf game and your life by making some small changes!

Ron Boon Ron Boon