New Beginnings

A new year in the Academy is always exciting, both for the coaches and the students.  For a start, a new year always starts with a good dose of new or renewed enthusiasm and this alone ignites the energy.

From a coaching perspective, seeing the ‘old’ students and helping to integrate the ‘new’ students is reward in itself.  Add to this the pleasure and thrill of continued involvement with a group of very talented youngsters and it is not only stimulating but a privilege to be a professional at the KeNako Academy. 

The students look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones and being back in an environment where their peers have the same dreams and goals.  Many of the students arrive back at KeNako saying that they couldn’t wait to be back!  It really fires up their enthusiasm, their drive and their passion and at the same time they are making lifelong friends.

This year KeNako has been fortunate to enrol another group of talented youngsters who will no doubt add to the success and energy of the Academy.  The new students have come from far and wide and KeNako would like to welcome them to the Garden Route, with all its wonderful golf courses.  They are participating in an Academy program that will challenge them and provide them with the knowledge and technique that will allow them to become the golfers they wish to be.

Exciting news is that the golf related program has been expanded and allows for more academy time, including more playing time, due to the students enrolling in the Cambridge education and tutoring system that has been established.  The students can now be on the course or range by 12:30pm each day.  The extra time allows the coaches to implement drills, exercises and discuss course management in a practical environment which will have a positive impact on their scoring ability.

The Southern Cape has a very active tournament schedule and KeNako wishes all our students a successful year both on and off the golf course.

roger-wesselsRoger Wessels
Head Coach