Physical Programme

During their first week at KeNako, all students were assessed individually to determine possible weaknesses and imbalances in their body mechanics.  This information is very important for KeNako to help set up appropriate exercise programs and to help monitor each student’s progress.  With this information I am able to coordinate with Roger (golf professional) what the physical reasons would be for a student having a swing fault in his golf.

The physical exercise sessions for the new year have started and the students are all very enthusiastic about their workouts at the moment.  Workouts include gym work to improve the effective functionality of their bodies and outdoor games to develop and maintain neuro-muscular skill and control of their bodies.  Gym exercises focus on improving postural alignment, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, stability, balance and mobility of joints.  The outdoor games focus more on agility, speed and the different kinds of coordination, like hand-eye, and foot-eye coordination.  These routines and games tie in nicely with the EyeGym exercises that KeNako’s students will shortly be starting with Dr Sherylle Calder’s program.

Another aspect of the initial physical assessment was to take some key body measurements for each student.  Having this allows KeNako to monitor students’ physical development and to check that they are eating well and keeping their bodies well hydrated.

The potential in KeNako’s group of students is wonderful to see and be a part of and I am looking forward to seeing some fantastic results this year!

jan-fourieJan Fourie