Student Profile: Cameron Moralee


Full Name: Cameron Darryl Moralee
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 29-Mar-97
Handicap: +1
From: Johannesburg
Clubs: Kingswood and Oubaai
Favourite Golf Clubs: No specific brand, but my favourite club is my putter
How long have you been playing: 5 years
Motivation: My Grandad got me started and I enjoyed the game.  Then I also realized that you can make a lot of money playing golf.
Role Model: Louis Oosthuizen.  He is not arrogant when he is not playing golf and he is always friendly and has time for people.
Golf Role Model: Louis Oosthuizen.  He is hard working and he is one of the best players in the world.  I like the way he plays the game.
Why KeNako? I came to George on holiday and I wanted to look at the Ernie Els Foundation, but then I found out that it was closed down.  Somebody recommended the KeNako Academy so I came to KeNako with my Gran and Grandad to look and that got me interested.  I then came to a Holiday Camp and that convinced me that KeNako was for me.  I couldn’t wait to come back and I started at the beginning of 2012.
Your KeNako experience thus far: KeNako has helped me a lot with my golf and other aspects of golf and life.  KeNako Academy is a special place with special people running the programs.  Roger Wessels is a great coach and he’s very kind and loyal.  He never forces anything and he is always understanding.  He played on the European Tour and he won some big tournaments so besides being a great coach he also knows what it takes to get onto a major tour.  My gym program also makes a big difference and I am a much better player than I was when I arrived at KeNako at the beginning of 2012.
Other Interests: Other sports
Future Goals/Plans: To attend college in America and then turn pro.
General Interest: Other than playing golf relaxing and watching TV.