Back to Basics

The start of 2013 has been exciting for KeNako for a number of reasons. At the start of 2013 KeNako Academy welcomed several new students into the school going student program and they have added new excitement and vigour to an already wonderful group of young people who were previously at the academy. Just as the number of students attending the KeNako Academy grows, so too is the KeNako Academy offering growing in quality and stature. The golf program continues to be enhanced and expanded. KeNako’s cutting edge golf program has now been ‘joined’ by an amazing new educational option for the students; one that not only offers superior education that is taught in a dynamic and futuristic way but one that will also improve the pupil’s ability to learn, not just in the present but at University and beyond. At the same time the new school’s hours allow students more academy time, so it truly is a wonderful development and a winning formula!

Having shared some of the exciting new developments, it would be remiss of me not to get ‘Back to Basics’! Good basics are the cornerstones for every successful golfer, be they returning students or newly enrolled boys and girls. Checking an individual’s basics and the resulting techniques create the framework for the new school term and for long term success building into the future.

From a coaching perspective it was fantastic to see that many of the returning students had maintained their fitness levels during the December holidays and the academy’s students have achieved very good competitive results in the early part of the year, in part due to their conditioning. KeNako students have won 4 of the 5 events they have played in since the beginning of the year which has created a wonderful atmosphere in the Academy where they are motivating each other through healthy competition. Success breeds success!

Garen Niemand, recently elected Head Leader at KeNako Academy for 2013, has won two junior events. Cameron Moralee won the Oubaai Golf Resort Club Championships and James Pennington won the Mossel Bay junior tournament. Several other students have achieved personal bests in these Southern Cape competitions and it is just a matter of time before they add their names to the honours board.

The KeNako professionals are all very excited and encouraged by the positive results, proving that the Academy’s programs are working well and providing the students with the skills to succeed at their chosen sport.

roger-wesselsBy Roger Wessels
Head Coach