Physical Programme: Forming new habits!

The initial physical assessment performed on each student at the start of the year is a vital element of each students’ academy program, providing very important information regarding each student’s bio-mechanics. Weaknesses and imbalances are identified, but also an understanding of the way that each student’s body is functioning at that point in time.

The first month of physical training in the gym can be very tough, especially for the new students. This is not because they’re lifting heavy weights, or doing an insane amount of exercise, but because they have to change old habits and form new, better ones. It is similar to what happens in the technical coaching on the golf course.

They are taught how to use and move their bodies properly. New movement patterns are being developed, and this doesn’t only involve the muscles, but also the brain and the neuro-muscular connections too! Students learn that gym is about understanding correct posture, alignment and movement. They have to concentrate really hard on doing things properly, or they won’t be doing anything at all in the gym. KeNako’s physical programme does not allow anyone to train incorrectly in the gym; this is a common problem amongst gym goers and the result is that people often tend to do more harm to their bodies than good.

It is pleasing to see that most students have already adapted quite well to making the required changes in their body functionality. There is a very positive atmosphere about the physical training program and many students are already experiencing the positive impact of what they’re being taught. These positive results are already starting to show not only in their bodies, but also in their golf.


jan-fourieby Jan Fourie