Building on Wisdom

In the first 2 newsletters of 2013 we have considered 13 Ways of Wisdom to coincide with the year 2013.  But Wisdom is vast and comprises endless thoughts, words and deeds.  Herewith another 13 Wisdom related thoughts, some of which will hopefully be of some use as you embark on the next phase of your life’s journey.

1. Each one of us wishes to live a better and improved life.  Use the power of wisdom to actively enhance your life and to make your life better.  If you have what you consider to be a great thought or a positive idea use it.  What is the use of having an exciting thought or considering what could be an important and life-changing idea and then not using it?  Don’t allow your ideas to be wasted.

2. What is each one of us living for?  Every conscious moment impacts our lives and allows time for another decision.  Take responsibility, be positive and take action.

3. Time passes us by all too quickly.  Procrastination is not a positive end solution.  Make a consistent effort to act on your ideas and to improve your lot in life.  Don’t waste time – as the Nike slogan so succinctly says “Just Do It!”

4. Do you know who you really are?  Don’t assume who you are or who you may be or wish to be.  Make sure that you understand yourself and what you want so that when things happen you can deal with the opportunity or the problem; quickly and constructively.

5. Each and every one of us can make a unique contribution to the world in which we live.  After you have figured out who you are and where you fit in the bigger picture make sure that your contribution to the world is better than it was before.

6. Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing.  Delight is a powerful motivator.  Pleasure linked to effort allows one to achieve things that may otherwise be deemed impossible or at least beyond immediate reach.  Think of enjoyment as an energy bar.  It is one of life’s inherent stimulants.

7. Concentrate and do not allow yourself to be distracted.  Being able to focus and to get the job done without distraction and without being interrupted will bring even greater enjoyment and better rewards.

8. Most of us have read many wise words during the course of our lives.  Reading or hearing about wisdom is one thing.  Actively engaging in wisdom is another thing altogether.  Try to engage with others who are expert at what they do; watch what they do and how they do things.  Then put this experience into action within your own life.

9. Why do many large and successful companies generally test market a new brand or a new idea before they launch it?  It is because they wish to confirm the value of the idea that they have created.  Each one of us has the opportunity to ‘test market’ our own new ideas by bouncing our ideas off our friends and associates.  The only condition of such ‘test market’ is that you insist on your friends being honest in their assessments and that if their honesty is negative towards your idea it will not impact your friendship moving forwards!

10. Successful companies need to function at optimum efficiency to achieve best results.  The same goes for each and every individual looking to optimise their lives.  Apply sound core business principles to your life and success is more likely to follow.

11. As with most businesses, an individual’s life is never a smooth journey.  There will be ups and downs along the way.  Don’t become impatient or frustrated.  Rather remain focused on the end goal; be persistent, enjoy the journey, accept that there will be ‘down times’ and the rewards will flow.

12. Realizing the dream is the aim.  Along the road there will be times where one’s inner being and one’s philosophy of life is challenged.  As you pursue the new idea, remember not to be selfish but do the right thing when tough choices need to be made.

13. As one goes in pursuit of the new idea and/or the dream, unexpected pitfalls will be encountered.  Life’s journey includes a fair dose of pain, from one’s baby days to accidents and mishaps that may happen in one’s adult life.  Pain is an unavoidable part of the journey.  One of the key ingredients of success is accepting the pain, learning how best to avoid it in the future and as a consequence enjoying positive growth after the painful experience.  Babies quickly learn from their mistakes – do you?!

Adam Scott has just won a famous victory at the US Masters.  He became the first Australian to win this much sought after title, but perhaps one of the most significant aspects of his win is that just 9 months previously he blew a 4 shot lead with 4 holes to go and lost the British Open.  Adam Scott never allowed that setback, which must have been immense, to discourage him or to dent his belief in his own ability.  He never dwelt on his failure.  Instead he used the wisdom gained from that negative experience to his benefit and dealt with things differently this time.  His delight in his victory was immense and given his recent experience it was thoroughly well deserved.

Wisdom can be so weird yet so wonderful!



Ron Boon