Quality vs Quantity

The physical programme at KeNako carries on right through the student exam time.  To allow students more study time, we have focussed on shorter, but more intense sessions.  We sacrifice quantity, but gain quality in the sessions, and focus on working smarter.

Students are learning that one doesn’t need a full 60-90 minutes to have a good workout.  The shorter the workout, the higer the intensity can be. 

One way to do this is by giving them a specific workout, made up of 3-4 exercises and a certain amount of reps and sets, which they have to complete in as short a time as possible.

Another way would be to give them a certain amount of time, like 12 minutes, to see how many repetitions they can complete of a certain circuit of exercises.

The students are loving this, because there’s also a healthy competition amongst them to see who can complete the workout in the shortest time, or who can do the most rep’s in a standard time.  Iit also allows students to test their own progression in fitness, when they try and beat their previous best score.

Have a look at some of our students’ best scores, and see how you measure up to them:

3 Rounds of:

15 x Dips; 15 x Double Unders (Skipping Rope); 15 x 30kg Power Clean; 15 x 18inch Box Jump

  1. Garen Niemand – 8:19
  2. Aidan Boon – 9:03
  3. Nicholas Bacon – 9:50

As many Rep’s as possible in 10min of:

15 x Push Ups; 10 x 40kg Dead Lift; 30 x Ab Crunch/Sit Ups; 15 x 30kg Seated Rowing

  1. Aidan Boon – 315 reps
  2. Caylum Boon – 300 reps
  3. Garen Niemand –  298 reps



Jan Fourie