KeNako’s Great Race

KeNako is not just about golf, golf and more golf for the students!  Skills for Life is the academy’s promise and Life Skills play an integral part in the annual Academy Program.  This past weekend’s activity was about testing certain skills and learning new ones.  It was called the KeNako Great Race which included map reading, clue deciphering, fitness, cooking and an internet search focusing on achievements of great champions from the past.
Twenty students were split into teams of four and each team had to complete 5 activities.  A time element was introduced to provide the competitive spirit and it was fantastic to see the groups tackle the challenges with so much enthusiasm.  The local Checkers store has probably never seen youngsters dashing up and down their aisles with so much energy as they searched for the prices of 8 predetermined products and after leaving the store Roger has never seen the students run back to KeNako so quickly!  The clock stopped only when the last team member put his foot on the KeNako stairs.

Making something in the kitchen is something youngsters hardly ever do so KeNako’s chef played a role in KeNako’s Great Race.  An integral part of the competitions involved Rob having the students making their salad, Cous Cous and Gnocchi for dinner.  To their credit they waited until dinner time to taste their cuisine creations.

The whole race was loads of fun – from trying to find out who SuperMex is to looking for clues on the golf course.  One team battled with a clue and sent the following message “where must we go next; our mental abilities are messed”).  Other elements included determining where the points of the compass are to finally enjoying a braai cooked by the team who had the slowest time.

The students had a great time and already want to know when the next one is on.  Roger Wessels led the team that put this together and special thanks are due to all those staff members who contributed to laying on a superb event.