Neo Blog

End October 2013

My experiences at both KeNako and Rundle College have so far have been the experience of a lifetime.  I have never encountered such a diversified environment and the home-away-from-home welcome that I have experienced is so very special; and this comes from all of the students.  It has really been fantastic and it is truly a privilege to be here.

KeNako Academy

I have been a member of the KeNako Academy for about 4 months and it honestly feels like I am already part of one giant family.  Each and every one of the other members is able to interact and socialize with one another at anytime and in whatever situation. We seem to help everyone however we can, no matter how difficult it may be.

I remember the day I arrived at KeNako.  My family and I were sitting at the reception and as the students walked by us they actually stopped and greeted all of us without being told to do so. I will not lie that amazed me to a point where I was awe struck.

Boarding life has given me a sense of independence and given me the opportunity to put on my ‘Big Boy Pants’.  Even my roommate is a delight; he and I are now quite close friends and we seem to stay up all night just conversing about everything and anything.

Rundle College

I am currently taking the AS-Levels Cambridge curriculum; I take 5 subjects, English, Economics, Business Studies, Geography and Environmental Management. None of this is new to me; I have been doing the Cambridge system for 5 years now – I was previously at school overseas. The one thing I love about Rundle is its small classes; the most I’ve seen in a class is about 12 students. The small classes allow the teacher to provide individual attention to every student, so if a pupil is behind on a topic a teacher can solely attend to an individual student.

My opinion of the teachers at Rundle is very positive; they are all enthusiastic and have an unswerving desire to ensure that all students reach their full potential academically.

To be honest, at my previous school (which I won’t name!) this was in my opinion the opposite of Rundle College.  There were large classes – possibly 24 students in one Business Studies class – therefore there was no individual attention.  Basically if you did not understand a topic, TOUGH LUCK!  Many of the teachers seemed disinterested and too lazy to teach anything.  They would usually just tell us to read 4 chapters of the text book and then they (the teachers) would just doze off.  One of the things that I found most irritating was if you asked a teacher a question, they would never know what the answer to your question was.  Instead of telling you they do not know and then learn together with you, they would rather scream at you and say, “You are supposed to know that already, don’t be stupid”!  But if truth be told that was not the case with all the teachers, my previous geography teach, Tom Shanks, did the best he could in order for me to reach my full potential.  His effort reflected in my better geography marks!

As a summary to my blog, I’d like to say that both KeNako Academy and Rundle College have changed my entire perspective on my education and my golfing future (not to mention how to better look after my body and also how to think better!).  And this only the beginning – I’m certain that this will be the best 18 months of my life.  ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!

I wake up every day and can’t wait for the day to begin. J