KeNako Students Play Well at NOOM Tournaments early January 2014

KeNako Academy was well represented at the NOOM tournaments played early January in Durban and Springs.  Some excellent results were achieved, with Hayden Garcia finishing in 5th Place in Durban and Cameron Moralee finishing 6th at the Dr Bam tournament at Pollak Park in Springs.  The National Order of Merit (NOOM) tournaments bring together the best junior players from around the country.

Top 5 KeNako students at each tournament were as follows:
Royal Durban NOOM
5th – Hayden Garcia
18th – Alan Lones
22nd – Cameron Moralee
34th – James Pennington
37th – Caylum Boon

Dr Bam NOOM at Pollak Park
6th  – Cameron Moralee
13th – Alan Lones
17th – James Pennington
30th – Caylum Boon
34th – Hayden Garcia