KeNako Academy & Rundle College Launch Performing Arts School

The KeNako Academy, which is recognised as one of the top Golf Academies in the world, has announced that it will be expanding the academy offering to include the Performing Arts.  In effect, just as young golfers attend KeNako to fine tune their golf skills, now young talents with a passion for the Performing Arts will have an opportunity to attend KeNako Academy but with focus on their Dramatic and Music Skills.  At the same time they will benefit by studying Cambridge International Education at Rundle College.  This exciting development is set to bring many new students and families to George, with students from all around South Africa expected to enrol in KeNako Academy’s Performing Arts Academy in the coming years.

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Ria Vorster

Ria Vorster

The Performing Arts Academy is to be headed by Ria Vorster, who is well known in George for her efforts within the artistic and theatrical worlds.  Ria is Trinity College of London accredited and during her career she has studied all of Drama, Musical Theatre, Opera and Public Speaking.

Link to Cambridge International Education and Rundle College
The link to Cambridge International Education (CIE) and Rundle College adds an exciting dimension to the Performing Arts Academy.  Students can specialise in Drama within the CIE curriculum which means that they will obtain both CIE accreditation and Trinity College accreditation.  As far as can be ascertained, there is no other school in South Africa that currently offers this unique opportunity to its students.

Musical Theatre
The Musical Theatre segment of the Performing Arts Academy will be offering all of Music; Music Theory; Orchestra; Dancing (including Tap Dancing, Modern Dancing and Ballet); Singing, Acting; Theatrical Elements and Choreography.  Reaction to the program within Rundle College has been excellent and several of Rundle College’s current student intake are participating in the new Drama offering at KeNako Academy.  Elements of the program are being introduced immediately and the KeNako Academy Performing Arts program will be expanded to include the full offering effective January 2015.

School Leavers and Musical Theatre
As is the case with golf and the availability of a School Leavers Program, the KeNako Academy will offer a Post Matric Musical Theatre Academy option for aspiring young artists in different disciplines.  A four-year post matric course will be available for students who would like to join the Academy after school to continue with their career in the performing arts.  Students will graduate with a Trinity College qualification.

The world class KeNako Academy is expanding its wings and expectations are that each and every new element of the academy will follow in the footsteps of the Golf Academy, offering a unique and superior discipline specific program that is a life changing experience; a program that is world class but also life skills enhancing for each and every student fortunate enough to participate in their selected program at either KeNako Academy or Rundle College.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]