Happy Place Creating

Your brain spurts happy chemicals which reward you with good feelings when you do something it perceives as good for your survival

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1. Trust and belonging: = Oxytocin

  • Being trustworthy- can you be trusted
  • Finding a proxy-pet, group, sport where you can have your ups and downs
  • Having a massage-feelings of well being
  • Counting your change-verify your trust

2. Euphoria and determination: = Endorphins

  • Laugh-it can release fear
  • Cry-physical relief from tension
  • Exercise- new movements to get your endorphin rush
  • Stretch-boost circulation

3. Motivation: = Dopamine

  • Take baby steps-breaking down a tough task
  • Do a Victory dance-congratulating yourself
  • Raise the bar slowly-realistic goals
  • Act-10 minutes a day to concrete actions and dopamine will help you to generate energy to do so

4. Safety and respect: = Seratonin

  • Enjoy where you are-sometimes you are in the driving seat, sometimes in the passenger seat
  • Notice your influence-without being controlling or arrogant you can see when people have taken your lead
  • Surrender control-choose one control habit you have and try to let it go
  • Take pride-“look what I’ve done”

“Meet your Happy Chemicals (Create space)” ~ Loretta Breuning

Mariette le Roux