National High School Championships

The National High School Championship is being held this weekend in Bloemfontein, an official SAGA tournament hosted by the Bloemfontein Golf Course.  A total 6 KeNako students will be participating in the tournament. 4 of the students – Caylum Boon, Cameron Moralee, Alan Lones and Hayden Garcia attend Rundle College and make up the Rundle College team which won the local Southern Cape regional qualifying competition very comprehensively.

2 KeNako students who remained at Glenwood House when the new school (Rundle College) that is aligned to KeNako Academy was launched, James Pennington and Johan Oosthuizen, will be representing Glenwood House at the National High School Championships.  The team from Glenwood House qualified to play as the runners up in the local regional finals.

Rundle College will be participating at National level for the first time.  Whilst conditions will be quite different to what they are familiar with in the Southern Cape – with a hard and dry course and very cold weather expected to be par for the course – all of the KeNako students are at this stage fairly experienced competitors, so hopes are high that they will perform very well.

Roger Wessels is accompanying the Rundle College team as manager and coach.  All of the KeNako boys are excited to be representing their respective schools at this important national tournament and we wish them well.  Good luck and enjoy the National Championships!