AS Level Raffle for School Leaver Dinner

Rundle College held the school’s first ‘fundraiser’, a raffle to assist in raising some money towards the AS Level Farewell Dinner set to be held on Friday 22nd August.  The money is needed to assist with costs of decorations and other elements related to the event and the venue.  Most students participated willingly and enthusiastically, especially some of the younger students, even though they have a way to go before they reach AS Levels!  Such support and enthusiasm augurs well for the future of the school.  Thanks firstly to the sponsors of the prizes and then to all parents, students and people who sold and bought tickets.

The function is to be attended by the AS students, who will be the centre of attention, and the IGCSE 2 students who will be there to support their peers and friends.  Tutors too will be at the dinner but not at the ‘after-party’!  AS Level student parents will enjoy pre-drinks at the venue together with their sons, daughters and the Tutors.

The prizes were won by:
Clive Rissouw: Coffee & Bagel voucher Sold by Kaylah Coleman, IGCSE 1, Ticket No.LLL 7
Sponsored by: The Bagelwich Coffee Co – Shamrock Place, 97 York Street,

Sharon Hart: Golf Bag Sold by Justin Hart, IGCSE 1,  Ticket No.  AAA 5
Sponsored by: Anonymous

Benoist Sale: Fruit & Biltong hamper  Antoine Sale, CP 3, Ticket No.  BBB  5
Sponsored by: Hartman Butchery

Jeanise: One night for 2 Hyatt Regency Oubaai Resort & Spa including breakfast Sold by Yotta Tyropolis Gr 5, Ticket No. ZZZ
Sponsored by: Hyatt Regency Oubaai Resort & Spa

Special thanks to all of our sponsors!