Rundle College Students Shine at George Eisteddfod

3 Students currently studying IGCSE’s at Rundle College performed with distinction at the recent George Eisteddfod.  All of them achieved A++ results which is quite outstanding, even more so when feedback received is that the technical aspects relating to their work was not easy! 

Clarice Durant continued with her successes achieved in previous years – she is a very talented young performer! – whilst for Tristan Oelofse and Carmen Coetsee it was a first time Drama experience for both of them which makes their achievements all the more meritorious.  As it happens both Tristan and Carmen are also Piano players.  Sadly Sarah-Mae Swanepoel, who is writing her AS Levels this year and who would have been Rundle College’s fourth performer, took ill just before the Eisteddfod and was thus unable to perform.


Clarice Durant  A++  A++  A++  A+  A !

Clarice performed in 5 different categories.  Clarice is becoming something of a seasoned professional having performed admirably in previous Eisteddfods.  Highlights of her performances this year were as follows:

English Prose  A++.  Clarice did a piece relating to Thanksgiving Dinner and Infant Seats.  She says that the piece was an expression of how people should be willing to assist and help others with no need for acknowledgement or reward.

English Monologue  A++.  This monologue is about Kathryn Murphy, a female lawyer who charges three men for the rape of a lady by the name of Sarah Tobias.  As she presents the winning argument Kathryn (played by Clarice who can be seen wearing her ‘legal’ uniform that she wore when she presented the piece) explains why addressing such issues is such a serious matter.

Afrikaans Monologue  A++.  This presentation was titled Kinderland (Children’s Land) and is about a teenage girl who is babysitting what turns out to be a pair of naughty toddlers.  The evening turns into a nightmare and the Babysitter has to call the toddlers’ parents.

Afrikaans Prose  A+.  In her prose titled “Dans met die Sekelmaan” (‘Dancing with the Crescent Moon’ for non-Afrikaans readers), Clarice related the relationship between a teenage daughter and her mentally unstable mother, with specific reference to Mom’s disapproval of her daughter’s boyfriend.   The piece featured around mother and daughter arguing about the boyfriend.

Tap Dance  A.  Finally Clarice showed he performed to the Boondocks Saints theme song.


Tristan Oelofse  A++  A++  A++ !

This was the first time that Tristan has ever performed at an Eisteddfod and in front of an audience.  He performed in 3 different categories.

Dramatized Poem  A++.  Titled ‘Money Madness’, this was a description and story about man’s greed relating to money.  Integral to Tristan’s performance were the moves that he had to make to convince the audience about the story that he was relating.

Undramatized Poem  A++.  A poem titled ‘Progress’ this poem is serious in nature and relevant to today’s world, telling a story about the development of man’s structures and the destruction of forests and wildlife.  Tristan had to express the selfishness of man without any movement; only through the emotion in his voice.

English Prose  A++.  Tristan related an extract from an African Farm and he had to fully embrace and act out the character called Gregory.  It was a very emotional piece that saw Gregory describing to a friend named Em how much he missed his ex-lover who had walked out on him.


Carmen Coetsee  A++  A++  A++ !

As was the case with Tristan, this was the first time that Carmen has ever performed Drama at an Eisteddfod.  Carmen has previously performed in the Piano Category – she, like her peers, is a multi-talented young lady!  Carmen’s three Drama pieces were performed over two days.

Dramatized Poem  A++.  Her first piece was “Molly on the Run”, by Carol Drinkwater.  This was an action packed piece about a car accident and the people involved that took Carmen out of her comfort zone but she says that she thoroughly enjoyed performing this piece.

Afrikaans Monologue  A++.  She then performed an Afrikaans piece called ‘Gister’ (‘Yesterday’ to non-Afrikaans speaking readers) by Ava.  Carmen says that, for her personally, this was her most emotional piece since it came from her heart and it affected her deeply.  She has unfortunately recently experienced a family related trauma hence Carmen’s personal emotion linked to this piece.

English Prose  A++.  Finally she performed ‘Solitude’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.  This piece was about a Life Lesson – in effect when one is in need, there are very few people that one can turn to for help and assistance.  People are happy to be involved in the good things but not necessarily the tough times.

Congratulations to Carmen, Clarice and Tristan on your outstanding achievements!  Rundle College is proud of you.

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Carmen Coetsee, Tristan Oelofse and Clarice Durant at school after their outstanding performances in the George Eisteddfod where all three students achieved 3 awards of A++!

Carmen Coetsee, Tristan Oelofse and Clarice Durant at school after their outstanding performances in the George Eisteddfod where all three students achieved 3 awards of A++!