Testimonial Received from Cyril Botha

I have spent the last 6 months at the Kenako Academy as a day student in the golf School Leavers Programme. For me it was a Gap Programme between finishing school and starting in the USA with college golf. KeNako made me start a gym programme and I ended up really enjoying and sticking to it, mostly due to the enthusiasm of the Biokineticist.  It made me stronger and I realised how important physical strength and fitness are for golf. I even became aware of the role a healthy diet plays and have learned to make healthy choices.

Under the guidance of coach Roger Wessels and Carlo Kok my golf has really improved. They are both great guys and make golf a lot of fun. It is a great experience to be coached by Roger who has all the experience of playing as a professional. There passion for the game is contagious.

I made a lot of friends and really enjoyed the camaraderie that exist amongst all of the students.

Thanks to all at KeNako Academy – see you on the course!
Cyril Botha

Cyril Botha collageCyril Botha collage