Meet some of KeNako Academy’s Younger Students

It takes some time before the students at KeNako Academy are regularly in the headlines! We thought that we would introduce a few of our younger students today. In this picture Francois, Koka, Michael and Janco can be seen practicing their chipping at the private KeNako green. The KeNako Academy buildings can be seen in the background.

Koka Leeu, Michael Botha, Francois Botha and Janco Vogel hail from different provinces in South Africa. These boys are between 12 and 14 years old.  Michael and Francois started at KeNako mid 2014 whilst Koka and Janco started in January 2015. Francois joined as a right hander but Head Coach Roger Wessels has changed him into a left handed golfer!

Francois Koka Michael Janco KeNako green Aug 2015 Koka Michael Francois Janco Aug 2015