KeNako is fantastic news

To parents considering KeNako

I am a Grandfather who has raised two grandsons as sons for the past 14 years.

Cameron our youngest who us now 18, displayed a keen interest in golf. On one of our holidays we happened  to visit KeNako In George.

We were impressed with the facilities, staff and programmes offered. We enrolled him at the age of 14 and he attended a loving ‘boarding school’.

He thrived academically, emotionally and as a golfer. We had hoped he would become neater but here, hmm, more work needed.

He won player of the year at KeNako for the next three years and this year won the leading Amateur in the SA Open and was awarded the Freddie Tait Trophy as the winning Amateur.

Without the  grounding at KeNako this would not have been possible. We also noticed that he grew emotionally and in confidence with his KeNako experience.

When he won the George OOM at the age of 15, we were pleasantly surprised by his excellent “Victory” speech.  Clearly KeNako was providing a fully rounded education!

I would like to express my special thanks to the Boon Family for the way they embraced Cameron. Thanks Ron, Sally, Aidan and Caylum. He also appreciated Roger’s  coaching and when I asked do you like Roger, he replied, ‘No, I love him!’. Thanks Roger for being his coach and his Dad!  Also Rowly who took such special care of Cam, thank you sooooo much.

KeNako has played a major roll in our lives and I thank you all. Great parenting and education both in the classroom and on the field. You are all very special.

Darryl Thwaits CA (Z), CA (SA), MBA (Scot).
Independent Consultant