Student Profile – Eric Park

Eric Park






Full Name: Eric Park
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 07-May-96
Handicap: 2
From: Originally from South Korea, but has been living in Cape Town for the past 3 years
Club: Durbanville Golf Club
Favourite Golf Clubs: Taylormade
How long have you been playing: Started playing when he was 6 but became serious at the age of 13 (3 years ago)
Motivation: He followed his dad at first and just became a fan of the game, he now loves it
Role Model: His Dad
Golf Role Model: Luke Donald – for his easy swing and the way he manages his game
Why KeNako? His dad heard about it through a friend in Korea.  Eric believes that being at KeNako is definitely improving his game in every way – technical, physical and mental.  He is very impressed with the professionals at KeNako.
Your KeNako experience thus far: Eric is really enjoying KeNako and it has been even better than he ever expected.
Other Interests: All sports
Future Goals/Plans: 1st Goal is to make the Korean National Team and in the future he wants to play professionally.
General Interest When Eric arrived in South Africa he was unable to speak English.  He is now totally conversant in English and completes his schooling in English.  He never speaks Korean to colleagues, even if they are Korean, when he is at KeNako.  He is also something of a magician and his tricks don’t need a language!  He is so good that he keeps the other students at KeNako enraptured.