Student Profile – Garen Niemand


Garen Niemand






Full Name: Garen Niemand
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 08-Jun-95
Handicap: 2
From: Nelspruit, but born in Johannesburg
Clubs: Nelspruit, Kingswood, Oubaai and Fancourt
Favourite Golf Clubs: Titleist
How long have you been playing: 13 years
Motivation: His dad has always played and got him motivated to start
Role Model: Tiger Woods
Golf Role Model: Roger Wessels – he has a great approach to coaching, easy to work with and has a great knowledge of the game. He is also well respected and Garen says that Roger has helped his game tremendously.
Why KeNako? He heard about KeNako through a fiend in Nelspruit, Daniel Abraham who was at KeNako.  Garen wanted to be a professional cricket player at first and after hearing about KeNako, he changed his mind.
Your KeNako experience thus far: It has been amazing. He has enjoyed working with all the professionals, matured over the 4 years and has made lasting friendships.
Other Interests: Fitness in general, friends and socializing
Future Goals/Plans: Going to Stellenbosch University after matriculating at the end of this year to study Managerial Accounting.  After he has something behind his name Garen wants to try and make a name for himself playing golf.
General Interest: Garen was previously an excellent athlete and at the start of the 2012 school year he won the school inter-house 200m race in the remarkable time of 22,23 seconds, a feat achieved running barefoot and with little training!
Garen has been elected KeNako Head Student Leader for 2013.   This is a tribute to his leadership qualities including his trustworthy, responsible and approachable attitude.  Garen is always willing to help and he has respect for both his professionals and his peers.