Student Profile: Franklin Manchest


Full Name: Franklin Peter Manchest
Age: 14
Date of Birth: 16-May-98
Handicap: 3
From: George
Clubs: George, Kingswood and Oubaai
Favourite Golf Clubs: Titleist
How long have you been playing: 8 years
Motivation: Ernie Els
Role Model: Hilton Slamet, KeNako Academy’s Chief Marketing Officer.  It seems like he had a similar childhood to me and he has succeeded in life and I also want to succeed.
Golf Role Model: Adam Scott.  He uses Titleist but I also respect him because he is always relaxed and calm and he doesn’t get angry, even when things go wrong.  He deals with things nicely when they happen.  When he lost to Ernie Els at the British Open he still gave him a hug and smiled.
Why KeNako? Mr. Ron Boon, the Chairman of KeNako Academy, has been helping me since I was 10 years old and at the end of 2011 he offered to allow me to attend the KeNako Academy full time.  Before that I used to sometimes train at the KeNako Academy with some of the boys from the SA Golf Development program.  KeNako is a fantastic place and I am proud to be a student at KeNako!
Your KeNako experience thus far: It has been life changing.  I have been given the opportunity to improve my golf but also to improve my education and my life skills.  I have learnt many things and I am becoming a much better golfer and a better person.  I hope that one day when I am successful I can send my children to KeNako Academy and if I am very successful maybe I can sponsor some children to attend the KeNako Academy program.
Other Interests: Meeting new people at the golf tournaments that I play in
Future Goals/Plans: To be a pro-golfer.
General Interest: Golf and being friends with my fellow students at KeNako.