Student Profile: Reinhardt Claasen







Full Name: Reinhardt Claassen
Age: 14 about to turn 15!
Date of Birth: 02-Apr-98
Handicap: 5
From: Klerksdorp
Clubs: Kingswood and Oubaai
Favourite Golf Clubs: Taylormade
How long have you been playing: 2 ½ years
Motivation: My dad is the person that has motivated me through all the years
Role Model: My dad
Golf Role Model: Rickie Fowler
Why KeNako? Because it looked like the perfect place to perfect my golf and make new friends
Your KeNako experience thus far: It has been great so far and my golf has improved so much.  There is a lot of golf and I respect the professionals at KeNako very much.  I have a special bond with Roger and we understand each other well.  He helps me a lot.  I really enjoy the social side of KeNako – it has been a new and different experience for me and it is good sharing things and spending good time with my friends every weekend.  I also love the food at KeNako – it is great!
Other Interests: To relax and swim for training.  I used to play rugby and swim and I was quite good at both but now my passion is golf and I am focussing on this.
Future Goals/Plans: To one day win The Masters and have my dad there to see me win it
General Interest: My interest is golf