Student Profile: Aidan Boon

Full Name: Aidan Rundle Boon
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 04-Oct-97
Handicap: 1
From: George
Clubs: Kingswood & Oubaai
Favourite Golf Clubs: Taylormade/ 3 wood
How long have you been playing: Since I was 3 – my Dad used to take us to the Driving Range on a Sunday morning and then we would have breakfast afterwards at the club.  If you’re talking about playing regularly on a golf course that started properly when we moved to George when I was 10.
Motivation: It’s a personal drive.  I used to play all sports but I decided at the beginning of Grade 9 to just play golf.  I love golf and I want to be the best.
Role Model: My Dad.  He never gives up and if he wants to do something he sticks to it until it is done properly.  He’s also fair and just to everybody.
Golf Role Model: Tiger Woods
Why Tiger? One of the best to ever play – he never gives up.  He also seems to have a good attitude towards the game and people look at him as a golfing icon.
Why KeNako? I want to better my chances of making it on the tour and to learn life skills.
Your KeNako experience thus far: It’s been fantastic.  I have improved not only in golf but physically and mentally.  I’m proud of the improvements relating to myself and the program in all respects.  There is also a great vibe and spirit amongst the students at KeNako.  We all really enjoy being here.  My fellow students are like my brothers and sisters.  It’s just great!
Other Interests: Socialising with other people and having a good time.
Future Goals/Plans: Make it onto the PGA & European Tours.
General Interest: Golf, girls, music.