Fantastic Track Record for Caylum Boon

Caylum Boon has enjoyed an amazing record in his last 4 Team Championships. It started in 2015 when Caylum was one of 4 KeNako Academy students who played for the Southern Cape at the U23 IPT. They won their section of the tournament. Caylum was next selected for the SAGA Junior Team that became the first SAGA Junior Team to win the Challenge IPT. 

3 KeNako students were on that Team. At the end of 2015 Caylum was one of 5 KeNako students who were part of the first Southern Cape Team to win the U19 IPT. Then he rounded off his incredible stretch, being one of 3 KeNako students who were in the history making Southern Cape that won the 56th Premier IPT. Caylum was unbeaten in his singles matches at 2 of these 4 Team events.

KenakoAcademy_Caylum Boon2016-10-10_1125