Student Profile: Tim-Moritz Schlűter

Tim-Moritz is a 16-year-old German student who joined KeNako Academy and Rundle College at the beginning of 2016. The initial reason for him coming to KeNako was not so much about golf but more about the Cambridge International Education available at Rundle College. The plan was purely academic – a 6 month Rundle College experience, participation in the academy programme to improve his golf and then to return to Germany to complete his schooling. How things have changed!

Tim-Moritz was born in Schleswig-Hollstein in the northern part of Germany. He is fluent in German, English and French. His father is a Pharmacist and Tim-Moritz’ long term goal is to study medicine and one day take over his father’s pharmaceutical practice. However, golf has now become a significant factor so who knows what the future may hold!

His first exposure to golf was when his father took him to the range about two years ago. Golf is a family pleasure and since starting he enjoys playing with his parents. Tim-Moritz arrived at KeNako as a high handicap golfer, but his progress has been impressive.

The first tournament that he competed in was a local junior tournament at Kingswood. It was not his best experience! The weather was bad and as Tim-Moritz was not wearing the correct gear, he got drenched. He feels he didn’t play too badly for the first 9 holes and he thought he was coming to grips with the conditions, but when the weather turned even worse he completely lost his focus and he really struggled. Within a few months that poor experience became a distant memory, as Tim-Moritz played very well in the Plettenberg Bay Open and won the Nett prize.

He is grateful to KeNako’s Head Coach Roger Wessels for the tremendous difference that he has made with his swing and to Professional Carlo Kok for his expertise when it comes to his short game. Tim-Moritz feels KeNako’s Sports Science Professional Jan-Harm Venter is a great resource in the gym. He enjoys the exercises he is given to practice and they are helping to improve his golf. His current handicap is 14 and his next goal is to get his handicap down to a 9. He is confident in hitting his irons and he is working on various aspects to improve his mental game. When he competes in tournaments, he strives to remain focused on his own game, concentrating on his course management and he endeavours not to worry about upcoming holes.

When asked about the golf courses, he admires the ocean view when playing on Oubaai Golf Course, especially the view from hole 17. The golf course on his bucket list to play is St Andrews, the historic course in Scotland that has often been a conversation topic with his family.

Tim-Moritz has a South African connection – his grandmother and some of his relatives live here and his family has travelled to George on a regular basis since he was a young boy.

KeNako Academy has been an excellent experience. He enjoys the great weather, the social culture and the friendly people, the amazing food and one of his favourite pastimes is braai-ing some good boerewors!

He is currently completing IGCSE2 (Grade 11) and he is in the midst of his external Cambridge Examinations. He enjoys the small classes at Rundle College and the individual assistance he receives from teachers. He says that the environment at the hostel is really good and he is able to share quality time with friends of similar age. He appreciates the close bond he has developed with his friends.

His sporting hero is Jason Day. He looks up to him for the triumph and success he has achieved. He admires his perseverance and commitment to the sport.

Your dedication, determination and good attitude will lead to success Tim-Moritz –keep up the good work!