Student Profile: Francesco Quirici

Swiss National Francesco Quirici is a 19-year-old aspiring golf professional who joined KeNako Academy at the beginning of October. The objective of his program is twofold – on the one hand he is at KeNako to improve his golf but of secondary importance is his desire to improve his English. His home language is Italian, but he also speaks French, German and English.

His love for the game of golf comes from his father Paolo, who introduced him to the game when he was about 8 years old. His father played on the European Tour and he is now the Sports Director of ASG Swiss Golf Association. It is of interest that Paolo and KeNako Academy Head Coach Roger Wessels played on the European Tour together some 15 years ago (Roger retired from tournament golf in 2003).

The first tournament Francesco competed in was a club tournament in Lugano when he played in the under 12 Division, but cannot recall exactly how well he performed. The tournament that he is the proudest of is the Engadina Championship in Switzerland, in which he came second. The golfer that he most respects is 2016 Rio Olympic gold medal winner, Justin Rose. Francesco is inspired by Justin’s golf etiquette, his demeanor and attitude on the course and he also likes his swing.

Francesco had this to say about his experience at KeNako thus far: “I was greeted with a warm welcome and it has been incredible. I like playing golf with Roger. Roger has a lot of insight and knowledge which he shares during our golf lessons. Everyone is really friendly and I enjoy spending time with the other students. It is a very enjoyable experience.” His aim is to practice, to transform his game and be the best sportsman that he can be. His current handicap is 1.

Francesco envisions himself playing 18 holes on the Old Course at St Andrews. His favourite local course is Oubaai – he marvels at the spectacular ocean views. His favourite club is his 2 iron, which allows him to cover great distances and he likes the sound of the club when he strikes the ball. He believes his strength lies in his short game.

This is Franceso’s first visit to South Africa and he had this to say: “The people are extremely friendly and the culture is great. The food is different! I enjoy fried chicken, but I have needed to adjust to some things like the idea of eating vegetables in my lasagna! The weather is fantastic and I love the ocean.”

Outside of golf Francesco enjoys listening to music and fishing.

It is KeNako’s pleasure to be hosting you Francesco. Enjoy South Africa and we all look forward to seeing you playing some good golf, not just while you are with us but in the coming years!

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