Students Participate in BioBlitz Field Trip

6 of KeNako Academy’s younger students formed part of the Rundle College Checkpoint 2 group that recently visited The Links to participate in the BioBlitz 2017 project. Its great seeing all of Kyle, Franco, Sarah, Sylken, Aneme and Damian embracing their school work with such enthusiasm!

Checkpoint 2 Field Trip

Three years ago Audubon International, an environmental certification body based in the USA, started an annual bioblitz. As The Links at Fancourt is a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, it took the opportunity to invite local members and segments of the George community to participate. This, much to our delight included students from Rundle College.

BioBlitz is a species-counting competition designed to create awareness among golfers and the general public about the environmental value of the habitats supported by golf courses. Last year’s participants globally recorded 3,560 total species, representing over 1,592 plants and fungi and 638 wildlife species, for a total of 2,230 unique species identified.

This year we decided to send the Checkpoint 2 class out to enjoy a morning spotting species and learning about the environmental benefits of a golf-course that keeps the environment in mind in its day to day operations. The students tackled the morning with enthusiasm and great interest observing species from the obvious and unmoving (Plant species) to the tiniest and most unappealing (e.g. Millipedes). For some the wrigglier the better while others avoided the creepy crawlies all together…. much to everyone’s delight! The spirit of the students was fantastic and their well-mannered behaviour was appreciated by the staff that took the time out of their working day to escort us around the property.

Many thanks go to Chris Gomersall and his team for making The Links accessible and the day such a great success for our students.


Ms Scott

Geography and Environmental Management
Rundle College



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