Greeting Familiar Faces

In recent days’ staff members at KeNako Academy have been surprised and happy to greet a few old students.Alan Lones, Tyrone Dodington and Jody Duminy all dropped in to greet staff at KeNako Academy.
Alan Lones popped in to show a few of his friends around the academy, where Alan spent 4 years of his life. He departed at the end of 2015 after completing his schooling at Rundle College. We learnt that recently Alan has won 3 significant Titles in the Eastern Province – Alan is now resident in Port Elizabeth. Titles won by Alan include the Bushman’s Sands, the Wedgewood Vase and the Eastern Province Men’s Open Championship. Well done on your victories Alan and thanks for popping in to say hello!
Tyron Dodington, pictured with receptionist and student favourite Emily Kleyn, is now resident in England and doing very well at Wall Climbing, where he is in the squad for both the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games. He recently suffered quite a serious injury to his wrist which has seen him have an operation and be sidelined for a few months. Thanks for coming through to greet us Tyron and good luck with your Wall Climbing. We hope to see you competing for Great Britain at the Olympics in 2020!
Another recent visitor was Jody Duminy, who spent 3 years at the academy and departed at the end of 2014. She Graduated with her Degree from UWC at the end of 2016 and she is currently studying for her Honours Degree in Anthropology. Great to see you Jody and thanks very much for taking the time to come through to see everyone at the academy whilst you were in George.
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