Hijke Pretorius Accepts Scholarship to USA

KeNako Academy Coach Carlo Kok travelled to Mossel Bay with 5 students to play and support Hijke Pretorius at her fundraising golf day.Hijke decided to accept a scholarship to the USA where she is due to start her University career in January 2018. Sadly, it was a cold, windy and rainy day – even young Swiss student Mike Saxer told Carlo that he couldn’t believe that South Africa could get this cold! The KeNako students played some excellent golf, with Jaydon Liddell scoring 39 Individual points off his 9 handicap to win the day. Michael Botha and Carey Dodds, who has shown remarkable improvement since joining the academy at the beginning of the year, both scored 37 Individual points. Carey was about a 30 handicap 8 months ago and she is now down to a 15 handicap. Well played all and thanks for supporting Hijke.
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