Mike Saxer in Play-off at Pezula Junior Open

Mike Saxer played some superb golf at the Pezula Junior Open, scoring a one under par 71 to tie for first place on a course that he has never previously played.Mike and his competitor both birdied the first play-off hole (No. 17) but Mike lost the second play-off hole, where he scored par to his opponent’s birdie. Mike is still young and once he gains some strength and gets a little more length off the tee he is going to be a formidable opponent in junior golf! Mike’s current focus with the KeNako Academy coaches is his putting technique and tempo and this too is set to make a huge difference to Mike’s game. Vuk Rankovic continues to improve and he finished 10th, whilst another young boy showing excellent improvement is Jaydon Liddell, who finished 11th.
KeNako Academy, Mike Saxer in Play-off at Pezula Junior Open.