Student Profile: Dylan Cutting

16-year-old Dylan Cutting joined KeNako Academy in the beginning of the year. His family lives in Swaziland and he has been attending boarding school since Grade 8. Dylan started playing golf at the age of 3. His father introduced him to the game and got him started with all ball games. Before joining KeNako Academy, he attended boarding school in Pietermaritzburg where he played cricket, rugby, soccer and competed in the U19 KwaZulu-Natal Golf Team. He is an excellent all round sportsman. Dylan heard about KeNako from the Pennington family, whose son James spent 3 years at KeNako. At the end of last year, Dylan made the decision to make golf his major priority and enrolled at Kenako. He says it was an easy decision to make since the academy provides him with the opportunity to attain a great education and pursue his passion for golf.The first tournament he competed in was in Mpumalanga in Nelspruit. Nelspruit Golf Club was his home club and he remembers how his family drove from Swaziland with him every weekend to support him in tournaments. His first tournament was an U12 junior foundation event and he won the event. Needless to say he was ecstatic with his victory.

Dylan aspires to make the Southern Cape U19 Golf Team in 2018. His game is improving all the time and he is ready to take it to the next level. His long term goal is to get a golf scholarship to the USA. One of the golfing accomplishments he is proudest of to date is being part of his previous school’s golf team that became number 2 in the KwaZulu Natal rankings.

He speaks highly of KeNako, and enjoys the gym programme and the great friends he has made since arriving, “Roger has really improved my game – my swing is so much more efficient.” He follows his pre-shot routine religiously and is also dedicated to his fitness routine. He believes one of his key advantages is his determined spirit – he is extremely competitive and hates to lose. He believes his strength lies in his long game. His current handicap is 1. He is currently in IGCSE 2 (Grade 11) at Rundle College and currently writing his Cambridge International Examinations. His subjects include Environmental Management, Geography, Business, Art, Mathematics and English.

The course on his bucket list is Pebbles Beach. He enjoys watching tournaments that are played on this famous course. His favourite local course is George Golf Club. He enjoys playing with his gap wedge which was given to him by `old KeNako boy’ James Pennington. His role model is Jordan Spieth because of his unquenchable passion for the game and desire to succeed.

Set your goals high Dylan, and don’t stop till you reach them!

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