Are golfer’s sprinters or endurance athletes?

Some people think that golf is more of an endurance sport and that we need to train our golfers like endurance athletes.This could not be further from the truth. To hit a golf ball the golfer needs to fire muscles in the correct order at maximal velocity. Golfers actually share much more in common with a sprinter than a marathoner. A sprinter operates at maximum intensity, relying on powerful and coordinated contractions. Much more similar to golf than steady state cardio. Sure, you walk between shots, but being a great walker is not what differentiates great golfers from their competition. Power is one of the key factors that sets better golfers apart and, it turns out, power pays.

The most powerful golfers in the world use more fast twitch muscle fibres than the average golfer. Fast twitch muscle fibres can be trained using sprinting and ballistic training techniques.

Most avid golfers already have fairly capable endurance systems. Golfers walk between four and six kilometers during an average round, so their aerobic cardio needs are being met just by playing golf and don’t require additional sessions.

Training like a sprinter is better!

Interval training has been proven to reduce fat, increase cardiovascular capacity while increasing speed and power. Using a training method called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can help a golfer accomplish all of their cardio needs while enhancing their ability to fire more fast twitch muscle fibres in their golf swing. HIIT training involves short bursts of 90-100% intensity exercise followed by full recovery.


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