Joshua Bürki and Carey Dodds – Most Improved Players of the Year

KeNako Academy’s Most Improved Players of the Year awarded to Joshua Bürki and Carey Dodds!Joshua Bürki was awarded the Most Improved Player of the Year in the Junior Division. Key reasons for Joshua’s improvement this year have been the improvement in his body positions and his wonderful enthusiasm for the game. Another contributing factor is in his improved mental skills, with Joshua becoming more aware of his course management and how it impacts scoring. Joshua has reduced his handicap significantly this year and he is consistently playing to handicap in competition. In the School-Leaver Division, Cary Dodds received the award. Key reasons for Carey’s improvement this year include her excellent work ethic, total commitment and a belief in the process. Carey embraced the entire programme and it has been wonderful to see her short and long game technique improve, impacting the development of her skills. Carey has lowered her handicap by 18 shots this year which also reflects her hard work and dedication. Congratulations Joshua and Carey!KeNako Academy, Joshua Bürki and Carey Dodds - Most Improved Players of the Year.