KeNako Academy Summer Holiday Golf Camp

KeNako Academy recently welcomed the excited Golf Camp students for the start of the annual Summer Holiday Golf Camp.The Camp students had a fantastic few days filled with a variety of golf and recreational activities. The students learnt a great deal and enjoyed an amazing time working on their chipping, putting, swing, course management and overall skills. Head Coach Roger Wessels and short game coach Carlo Kok have enhanced the techniques and abilities of the students. The departing Camp students were saddened to greet their new found friends, KeNako Academy professionals and the staff at the end of the camp. Once again the Camp was a huge success.



The camp students had the opportunity to ride the world-famous dragon-dune located just outside of Mosselbay. The dragon-dune is the biggest and longest sandboard ride in South Africa. The students were pumped with adrenaline and had a great time riding the 320m dune.



Congratulations to the overall Camp Winner, Cass Muller who claimed the title for a second time and to Junior Jones who scored his first hole-in-one on the 11th hole at Sedge Links. We hope to see all the enthusiastic players again next year. View the full album in our gallery.
KeNako Academy, KeNako Academy Summer Holiday Golf Camp.