Student Profile: Sylken November

Sylken November is not one to sit still and allow life to pass her by. She takes it by the horns, loves staying active and embraces new challenges wholeheartedly.

Sylken comes from a tight-knit family and it was her father who introduced her to the game of golf. At first she was out on the range, trying to lend some distance to her strike, but once she started playing she was hooked. The first tournament she competed in was a Southern Cape Junior Tournament at Kingswood Golf Estate, which she won. She was extremely proud and felt that it was the start of something great.

Sylken enrolled at KeNako Academy in the beginning of 2017. Her goals are to improve her game, improve her course management skills and get her handicap to as low as possible by the end of the year. She is making steady progress and recently advanced to the A Division, something she is thrilled about.

The golf course on the top of her bucket list is the legendary Pebbles Beach Golf Course in California. Her favourite local course is Kingswood Golf Course. She enjoys the fast greens and the fact that the course is always in pristine condition. She can cover a good distance with her 5 Wood and it is her favourite club at the moment.

Legendary golf player Tiger Woods is her role model; he inspires her to be the best golfer she can possible be. She admires him for his tenacious spirit, especially when people suggest that he can’t do something. It seems like this is an energy that fuels him to prove them wrong.

Sylken is a Check Point 3 student at Rundle College and whilst she has a passion for the game of golf, she realizes that her academics are important as well. She is a determined young lady and drives herself to excel both academically and athletically. Her subjects include Mathematics, Afrikaans, English, EMS, Geography, Accounting, History and Art, her favourite subject being Mathematics.

Sylken’s shared the following thoughts on KeNako Academy, “I really enjoy programme and the coaching is excellent. I have improved a lot. KeNako has given me the opportunity to develop great mental and physical skills. I am ecstatic with the progress I have made in such a short amount of time.” Sylken enjoys her lessons with all the KeNako experts – she enjoys the dynamic fitness sessions with Jan-Harm Venter, her challenging short game lessons with Carlo Kok and long game sessions with Head Golf Coach Roger Wessels’ whose expertise and sense of humour she really enjoys.

Her favourite saying is, “If you are going to do it, do it with flair.”

Sylken encompasses all the qualities of a great student. Her optimism, dedication and strong work ethic is admirable. Wishing you all the best in reaching your future dreams and goals Sylken!

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