Student Profile – Kamo Melabane

Vibrant, energetic and bright-eyed Kamo Malebane joined KeNako Academy at the beginning of the year as a GAP Year student. She hails from Sandton in Johannesburg. Her full first name is Keamogetswe. Kamo started playing golf with her family when she was 10. Both her parents play socially and have dedicated at least one day a week, usually Sundays, to their much loved hobby.

The now 18-year-old was filled with uncertainty about her future career plans and decided to set this year aside to focus on herself. She has a passion for the game of golf and she would like to see whether she has the drive, stamina and athletic ability to play at a competitive level. Apart from her love for golf, she also has a heart for people with an interest in psychology. To supplement her schooling and her knowledge, Kamo decided to enrol for a couple of Cambridge International A Level courses at Rundle College.

Kamo enjoys expressing herself creatively and being an interior designer is something that she is considering as a future career choice. Tossed between the uncertainty of one of life’s big decisions, she decided to allow herself to enjoy the year until she has made a conclusive decision. By the end of 2019 she will have chosen her respective career path. If it is to be golf, she will pursue it more vigorously. If not, she has permitted herself to improve her game and she will have given herself peace of mind about her career of choice and future plans.

Her desire is to inspire and uplift people by sharing her story, her knowledge, her heritage and her background. She has big dreams about managing her own NGO one day and being a successful business woman.

Kamo’s thoughts on KeNako Golf and Sports Academy; “It’s a great institution where people from different backgrounds come into one space and enjoy the facilities available. It provides you with the opportunity to really get to know people and the experience grounds you.” She enjoys a good relationship with all the golf professionals but is especially fond of Head Golf Coach Roger Wessels. She appreciates his unique personalized coaching style and the way he connects and teaches her, which has allowed her to show improvement within a few weeks of starting her golf programme. Kamo enjoys taking a swing with her 5 wood – she says that she enjoys the distance she covers with it, stating that “they” are friends and have a good relationship!

Kamo believes Education is the cornerstone of success, hence her decision to complete her Cambridge International Education English and Travel & Tourism A level subjects at Rundle College.

Enjoy the journey of self-discovery, growth and personal development Kamo!